"It's refreshing to find such a reliable, attentive and service-oriented Web hosting company."
Mark Craft
"They always have time for me, and I have never asked a question they couldn't answer!"
Jim Clarke
Foremarke Hall Transport Group
"I have been using HOST100 for over 6 years now, always a great service and the support and help they offer is second to none. Excellent!"
Robert Crook
Raven Design
"Service is second to none! Always so helpful and any problem is always resolved quickly and efficiently."
Michelle Davies
"Could not have been more helpful and efficient. HOST100 really looks after it's customers."
Michael Briant
"Incredible service!! Excellent advice to recommend different email solutions to solve the issues. The new account was set up instantly and this has solved the email issues for the client."
Nick Muir
Principal Systems

Want Features?

From simple web hosting plans to our VPS packages, all come fully packed features and are scalable to meet your needs.

All Plans Include:

Comprehensive SLAs

Regular Backups

Multi-domain Hosting

Guaranteed Uptime

Migration Support

What is Migration Support?

Stuck with a useless hosting provider? You don't have to be!

Our support team are happy to help you throughout your migration as a fully inclusive part of our service. We'll help get everything set up the way you like it, and running smoothly for a fresh start.


Are you searching for the best business opportunities online? Do you want to start your business and become your own boss?

At HOST100, we offer you outstanding reseller hosting opportunities, they are the perfect solution for those of you who wish to resell web hosting to your own clients.

We provide you with solid VPS hosting infrastructure which allows you to sell hosting as part of your own service! In essence you can sign-up today and immediately start promoting hosting solutions to your customers.

Your own Windows VPS

We allow you to operate your reseller plan from your own Windows VPS. This is setup solely for the web hosting you provide for your customers. Unlike our competitors where your web sites run alongside other resellers, at HOST100 you benefit from a private high-performance VPS, being completely isolated from any other reseller or user.

Unlimited Websites

At HOST100, we don't set artificial limits, so you're free to host as many websites as you can fit on your hard drive. You are able to upgrade at any time if you require additional space. Whether you run 10 or 10,000 websites - it's your choice. 

Guaranteed Resources

With our reseller plans you get guaranteed hardware resources such as diskspace or RAM. Once these resources have been allocated to you, no-one else can use them. This means you get the maximum performance for your customers, regardless of the load and performance of our other customers and resellers.

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As a reseller with HOST100, you are allocated a fully managed Windows VPS server for your customer's web hosting. No more sharing resources with hundreds of other resellers, or worrying about another user affecting the performance. Only your customers' web sites are hosted on your server, putting you firmly in charge of its performance.

Full Daily Backups of your data

All of our Reseller plans come with our offsite cloud backup system ensuring your client data is kept safe. A daily backup of all your website data is configured and kept for at least 30 days.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Effectively, our Reseller hosting allows you to lease server space for resale to your customers. You then have the opportunity to offer value-added services to your clients (such as hosted web design) or even custom hosting plans as a service. Hosting providers work with resellers to scale their infrastructure, and resellers earn a profit by leasing customisable hosting plans.

Offer more than just a Website.

If you design or develop websites for clients, then why not host them too? With our Reseller plan you can market your design business as an all-in-one solution to your clients, giving you the opportunity to push for recurring income as well as the initial development charges.

Why choose Host100 Reseller Hosting?

HOST100 is one of the UK's leading Reseller solution providers giving you with the ability to host websites from start up businesses straight through to large SMEs. We have a large list of resellers ranging from small one person design studios to large design houses. All of our resellers receive their own VPS, no matter how large or small. At HOST100 we believe in diversity and as such are not looking for any particular background for our resellers.

Our current resellers reflect this diversity and include: individuals, web developers, event planners, fundraising specialists, sales organizations, software developers and hosting companies just to name a few. 

Cant find what you're looking for?

We are here to help, get in touch and we can find the very Reseller Hosting solution for you.

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