"It's refreshing to find such a reliable, attentive and service-oriented Web hosting company."
Mark Craft
"They always have time for me, and I have never asked a question they couldn't answer!"
Jim Clarke
Foremarke Hall Transport Group
"I have been using HOST100 for over 6 years now, always a great service and the support and help they offer is second to none. Excellent!"
Robert Crook
Raven Design
"Service is second to none! Always so helpful and any problem is always resolved quickly and efficiently."
Michelle Davies
"Could not have been more helpful and efficient. HOST100 really looks after it's customers."
Michael Briant
"Incredible service!! Excellent advice to recommend different email solutions to solve the issues. The new account was set up instantly and this has solved the email issues for the client."
Nick Muir
Principal Systems

Our Data Centre Infrastructure

We’re proud to have one of the most secure data centres in the UK. Security is a vital part of the services we offer which is why we invest time and money in a high-tech security infrastructure and maintaining strict access protocols.

Our hosting facility is built with super-efficient energy design principles in mind, with enclosed hot-aisle containment and economic chilled-water cooling.

Power Supply and Backup

- 3 x Riello UPS units giving N+1 resilience

- High input power factor 0.99

- Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start up

- High performance filter, protecting its upstream power supply sources from harmonics

- Monitored by Riello and HOST100 in real time

- Monitored continuously, manually checked daily by our technical team, an automated daily battery test.

-If mains power is not restored in 10 seconds 3 x N+1 diesel powered generators will start providing full continuous power to the data centre.

-12 hour refuelling agreement with the ability to refuel on-the-fly means generator can be run continuously in the event of a prolonged mains outage

Fire Suppression

- FM-200 gas fire suppression system in both datafloor and UPS room

- 4 x VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) units strategically positioned throughout datafloor

- 158 x ionic and optical smoke detectors strategically placed throughout the datafloor (both above and below the sub-floor plenum) - Beam smoke detectors strategically placed in loading bay area

- FM-200, VESDA, smoke and beam detectors connected to a Morley (Honeywell) intelligent multi-protocol fire alarm control panel

- Morley Panel linked to RedCare system to automatically call fire brigade if necessary

Climate Control

- 15 x Adiabatic CREC units (N+5 cooling capacity)

- Drip sensors located below floor monitor for any leaks in the system. Cold air is forced underneath raised flooring into the bottom of each server rack, and vacuumed out of the top providing maximum cooling efficiency. The position of each server rack/apparatus is calculated by a dedicated deployment team to further optimise cooling efficiency.

- Current configuration delivers air at 22 degrees centigrade to all cold aisle corridors


- 24 x 7 x 365 manned facility

- Full external perimeter colour / low light ‘Pan Tilt & Zoom’ (PTZ) cameras

- Internal infrared cameras covering all doors, entrances and exits

- CCTV footage stored for 91 days

- Movement detectors covering entire external perimeter and connected to an annunciator

- External tannoy system - Building and car park located in gated compound with fenced perimeter (remotely locked after 6.30pm Mon - Sat and all day Sun)

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Technology Partners